Giving Back with Gratitude

As I think back over my life, there have been occasions that I have stood back and said, “How was I ever so lucky to have that happen to me?” Those happy instances have made such an impression in my life. I can easily recall the moment, the feelings I felt as if it was happening all over again. Of course, I have also experienced the stressful and unhappy times. Those moments also have made an impression in my life, and I am grateful they are in the past. The happy times make me want to give back so that others can experience the joy and happiness that I have experienced.  However, the unavoidable question surfaces as to how, when or where do I start to give back? Showing Gratitude Recently, I met someone that knew how to give back and with gratitude. I was helping to prepare client meals, when a new volunteer Joan (not her real name), joined Read More